1. Avalon

From the recording Levitate


Battles won and lost
Honor grinding down to dust
I can feel the haunting as it grows
And I try to compensate
Silly me…
Ignoring every fate

So I call upon
Make me better, right the wrong
Carry me
Over rocky seas
Cleanse these wounds and just make me believe

Traitors sell me out
To remnants of a moral drought
Whose ghosts inhabit every drinking hall
And I cry out every day
No one answers…
Only echoes resonate

And I call upon
Make it better, right my wrong
Carry me
Over Northern seas
Take me in your shores and just let me dream

Sweet solace, transfer me
And tread upon my vanity
Forge me steel for my soul
Take my pain, make me whole

Call upon
Sweet and bitter, weak and strong
Carry me
Over rocky seas
I found your silence and finally I’m free