A Short History of Grebb 

Mike Grebb first picked up a guitar at age 15 and immediately failed to take it seriously. "I hated practicing," he says. "I took lessons to learn all of the chords and scales, but I was always going off on tangents, trying to create my own music rather than stick to the practice exercises." Within a year, Mike had written a half dozen songs and hooked up with a couple of friends to form a high-school band. On top of hideous U2 and REM covers, Mike threw in a few of his songs to the set list. "We were the typical garage band" he says. "I sang through a 10-watt guitar amp. It was bad. We only played a couple of parties. But I noticed that people didn't run screaming from the room, so I took that as a good sign."  

After college, Mike moved to Washington, D.C. "I worked briefly at the Improv Comedy Club doing graphic design and promotional work," Mike recalls. "I wrote a couple of parody songs and let one of the managers hear them as a joke. He invited me to join a comedy troupe and perform them live." After that, Mike began playing open mics and some paid solo acoustic and band gigs, continuing to write new material and explore new musical genres and styles. After producing some home demos, Mike worked with award-winning producer Marco Delmar at Recording Arts studio in Falls Church, VA, to create the 2005 alternative rock album, Resolution, garnering many positive reviews.  

In 2011, Mike moved to Los Angeles and continued writing new songs as he honed his producing and engineering chops just as advances in recording technology were democratizing high-quality music production. So armed with a microphone, a couple guitars and some powerful software, Mike produced Levitate, which mixes multiple musical genres but remains grounded his singer/songwriter roots. "Some of these mixes are pretty elaborate," he says. "But every one of these songs started with just me and an acoustic guitar. In the end, all that matters is the songwriting."  

Levitate drops on March 19, 2021. Listen HERE.