1. Wait

From the recording Levitate


When he was a child, they told him he was wild and free
He couldn’t wait to start, oh, to star in everything
But “patience is a virtue,” they said one day, and then they swore
That they knew what was best for him, and that’s when they started keeping score

And he did what he was told
They said, “You can do what you want when you’re older.”

Wait, wait, don’t dream your life away
Just wait, wait, we’ve all got our dues to pay
Wait, wait - silence, boy, cooperate
Just wait, wait — and maybe it will all come your way

As he got older, he tip-toed through the cautious path
He made no mistakes because everything was so pre-planned
No silly pursuits that took his nose off the stone
Finally a family, one son and a wife he’d barely know

He always planned to come around
But there’s always just so much work to do right now, so…

Wait, wait, don’t try to levitate
Just wait, wait, and you’ll get your due
Wait, wait - no time to celebrate
Just wait, wait — and watch it all fade away…

Into solitude
And all the days that you’ll
Never remember but always rue

Years later, in bed watching a ticking clock
His wife long gone, heart broken and her will lost
His grown son at his side, out of obligation and fealty
Putting off things he’ll surely do when his time is more free

Oh the sad look in his eyes
As he grabbed his son’s wrist, his dying words cut like knives, he said

“Wait, don’t wait, son, don’t you ever hesitate
Don’t wait, don’t wait - Don’t make my mistakes, boy
Don’t wait, don ’t wait - Seize every night and day

Pray you don’t regret that you waited
Just to die someday lonely and jaded
Wasting away…
Don’t wait…”