1. 2020.F.U.

From the recording Levitate


Well, I was feeling good, just a wearing a smile
Ignoring all the signposts in happy denial
‘Cause what goes up can never go down
At least until the Ides of March come around

So cue the locusts and the Wormwood seas
Murder hornets ripping heads off of bees
The four horsemen prancing ‘round in the sun
But it feels like the Apocalypse should just be more fun

When I’m down, I know what to do
I just scream: 2020 FU!

Sure, we all love challenges—but this is no way
To ring in the New Year and a brand new decade
Let’s look on the bright side, as if we all could
If this doesn’t get us, well, then climate change should…

And besides, what we really needed was more loathing and fear
‘Cause we don’t get enough of that in an election year
Now we stream 24-7 ‘cause the news only stings
How did the Roaring Twenties become the Tiger King?

But when I’m feeling all sad and blue
I just shout: 2020 FU!

(Angry solo now)

The Titanic, an unsinkable ship
The Hindenburg, a mighty fine blimp
We can just revise reality and hope for the best
Oh wait, isn’t that how we got into this mess?

Maybe 2021 will be the year of plenty
But for now… FU 2020!