1. Haunted

From the recording Levitate


Armor falling away
Falling to the ground
Let it fall where it may
You’re naked but not bound

The air around you cold
Draining all your answers
Years have made you older
And yet you’re still a dancer

You walk slowly alone
Fires at your back
Pressing into unknown
Forgetting all you lack

Haunted by the dawn
Of a thousand nights you wasted
Haunted by the storm
And all the times you chased it
Haunted by the dreams
That pounded at your door
You didn’t let them in
But it doesn’t matter now
Start over, just begin

Everything that you know
Is happy for the ride
Everywhere that you roam
Passion as your guide

Haunted by the tales
You told yourself while crying
Haunted by the sails
That never opened despite trying
Haunted by these ghosts
Jealous you’ve moved on
But over time they’ll fade
Say your last goodbyes
And send them on their way

Let the rain fall down
Let it all just drown your demons as they flee
Stand naked in that field
Embrace all that is real and close your eyes to see
Close your eyes to see