From the recording Levitate


Let me tell you a story
Of a clan that survived
Without any seatbelts
To cushion our ride

We lived on the fringes
Working latches and keys
And our only binges
Were our after-school treats

Now I just worry that the kids don’t rock…

Now nothing is easy
But it’s all on a screen
And it all must be pleasing
Before anyone can breathe

Helicopters are buzzing
Above a crowded safe space
But our paths can be fuzzy
When someone else sets the pace

Well, maybe I got something to learn
But I am genuinely concerned kids don’t rock…

Aw, just take it from me
You gotta put some X in your Z
Roll like us, no muss, no fuss, just rock

I guess I don’t want your bubble to burst
And yes, my generation’s the worst
But we’re walking evidence that no common sense can endure…

Rock on…