1. Hey Baby

From the recording Levitate


Hey baby, I see you holding up the wall
Hey baby, you ain’t got anyone at all
I know you could use some help
And I’d so eat you up, baby, but I’m just too full of myself

Hey baby, taste it all but not one bite
Hey baby, paste it up and out of sight
I’ll tell you anything you need
And despite all of your instincts, you’ll crawl right on up my sleeve

Look at all my swagger
Look at all my toys
I’m willing to wager
That none of the other boys
Can take you to the skyline
And show you the whole world
Before they drop you down
Freefall rag-doll, meet the ground

Hey baby
Hey baby

Hey baby, are you coming back for more?
Hey baby, you want to settle up the score?
Well, I’ll steer ya, and you pretend to care
You just keep on navigating and never getting anywhere

Look at all this swagger
Look at all these toys
I’m willing to wager
That all of the other boys
Would whisk you to the ozone
And beyond outer space
Just to cast you out
Airlock, barely breathing doubt

Hey baby
Hey baby

Put your arms around me
Put your arms around me
Silence with the sun
Silence when the rain falls down
The science in your love
Never seems to weigh you down, no…